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Baltic Non-Woven

Our clients trust in experts of our team

Who are we?

Since the establishment of the company, Baltic Non-Woven strives to ensure the highest quality criteria and meet customer expectations. Operating in a fiercely competitive market, Baltic Non-Woven is committed to bringing value to clients by supplying high-quality fabrics made with precision and care.

At Baltic Non-Woven, we specialize in non-woven fabrics. Due to the broad selection of features, colors, and sizes of the fabrics we supply, our products can be applied in various sectors. To supply you with impeccable products, we constantly perform quality checks on our fabrics. Our spunbond non-woven is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

Our clients trust the textile experts in our team. Once you have identified the need for non-woven fabrics, our consultants will provide you with individually-tailored advice that will help source products to your target market successfully. To ensure timely and smooth delivery, we fully supervise every order from production to the final delivery and support our clients during the process.

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We are highly experienced in supplying Spunbond non-woven and needle-punched fabrics. Our clients working with agricultural and health care appliances, furniture, home furnishing, packaging, disposable goods, and other products value our dedication to providing affordable, high quality, and sustainable solutions such as eco-friendly polypropylene Spunbond non-woven fabrics.

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