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We are highly experienced in supplying Spunbond non-woven and needle-punched fabrics. Our clients working in agricultural, health care appliances, furniture, packaging, disposable goods value our dedication to providing affordable, high quality, and sustainable solutions such as eco-friendly polypropylene Spunbond non-woven fabric.

Spunbond Non-woven
Spunbond non-woven is an extremely lightweight fabric that can be applied to various industrial and household uses, including medical disposables, hygienic material, and furniture. In the production process, polypropylene materials are bonded together thermally after being molten at high temperature and spun into a web. It is a non-toxic and eco-friendly material, valued for its softness and high tensile strength.
A staple needle-punched fiber fabric, can be easily cut, glued, sewn, coupled, or ultrasonically welded. Needle-punch can be made from 100% PP, 100% PES and mixed PP/PES fibres. The fabric is often used in quality mattress production as well as for upholsteries, gardening appliances, and as a geotextile.